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If you're new to the concept of essential dignity, the basic idea is that planets respond differently to being placed in specific signs or degrees of the zodiac. They are either empowered or weakened in certain places and that strength or weakness plays a significant part in how that planet operates in a chart. Essential dignity is, in most cases, a qualitative measurement of how a planet is doing. Planets in significant dignity are understood as being inherently able to produce something and to produce it well.

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This reinforces the idea in medieval astrology of regarding the planets as people with jobs to do; a lot of techniques make reference to how well a planet is functioning. With this in mind, z odiac signs are like areas or environments through which planets pass and being within certain areas influences planets one way or the other. Being in dignity is like being in a place that you find agreeable that also allows you to work in your own personal work style. You perform better there and have everything that you need to complete your job to the best of your ability. A planet placed in a sign that it does not function well in - called being placed in a debility - does the opposite.

An important point to note, though, is that dignity is not meant to be thought of as a sliding scale of strength. While a planet in domicile is "stronger" than a planet in triplicity, it's stronger in different ways or with different analogies that have their own implications.

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In domicile, planets are in their own home and are inherently able to accomplish something due to having access to everything that they need. I ordered both his ebooks from his website. Thanks Charlie and Chris! Great podcast. This really helped me to see the nuance and variety of the dignities and debilities and to see them as less fatal.

However in this lecture you used a table displaying bounds only and in this one you list the first five degrees for Jupiter in Aries.

Secrets of Planetary Dignity - Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Astrology Apprenticeship #10

This is not the first time that I encounter this discrepancy and wonder what the root of this is in order to make up my own mind. Thank you. Thank you so much for your work! The approach results in some oddities, especially in the mutable signs, where a planet like mercury or jupiter can be both exalted and in fall or detriment at the same time. But I feel like this open up layers of interpretation, thinking about what aspect of the planet is exalted feminine or masculine and the idea that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing… that a planet which is an ally or a blessing in one respect, can also in some way be the very thing that trips the native up or is their undoing.

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